Greg Proops

“Here he is, though, in front of a live audience each week, bravely recording
some of the boldest comedy on the podcasting frontier right now.”
-Rolling Stone Magazine

Greg Proops is a stand up comic from San Francisco. He lives in Hollywood.
It’s not that bad. Really.

The Proopdog is best known for his unpredictable appearances on Whose
Line is it Anyway? Both US and UK. Starting it’s 7th season on the CW.
Greg is recurring as the art teacher Mr. Granger on ABC’s New Sitcom

Greg gives voice to Garma and Pod Race Announcer Jak Sirvak on the
Disney Channel‘s New Star Wars Animated Series Star Wars Resistance
Greg is Banzhou the evil cat alonside Zhendaya, Stepehn Fry Reggie Watts
and many others in the animated feature Duck, Duck, Goose seen on

Stand-up Greg has a new Political Comedy album out called The
Resistance. Recorded live in his beloved San Francisco. Available on iTunes
and from aspecialthing records.

Professor Proops has a hit Podcast called The Smartest Man in the World.
Recorded live in Hollywood, Australia, New Zealand, Montreal, Edinburgh,
Amsterdam, San Francisco, Austin, London, Paris and aboard a ship off St.

Monster Greg has had the honor of performing with Danny Elfman at the
Hollywood Bowl and the Barclay Center in Brooklyn singing in a live to film
version of The Nightmare Before Christmas. This year we perfom live in
Tokyo, Glagow, London and Dublin.

Improv Greg is an an Improv group with Ryan Stiles, Joel Murray, Jeff B
Davis, Dave Foley, Drew Carey and Charles Esten called Whose Live
Anyway? Currently touring nationally. He toured Australia and New Zealand
with Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood where they taped a TV Gala for JFL
at The Sydney Opera House. He also is a frequent guest of the Comedy
Store Players in London and improvised with them at Shakespeare’s Globe.

“Funny, political, literate, and bold—all at once.”
-New York Journal of Books

Mr. Proops book The Smartest Book in the World is based on his awardseeking
podcast. Now out in paperback. He threw a podcast and signing at
Shakespeare and Co. in Paris.

The Greg Proops Film Club is a popular podcast digging vintage movies is
available on iTunes. He has recorded at the TCM Film Festival, Edinburgh
and the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Film Buff Greg hosted Ouch:The
Slapstick Movie Festival movies on TCM.

Greg has lent his voice to Hell and Back, Star Wars the Phantom Menace,
The Nightmare Before Christmas and he really was Bob the Builder.

You may Socially Network with Proople Rain on Twitter @gregproops and
Instagram @proopdog

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Greg Proops
Greg Proops
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